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Wesson Jury Hears Taped Interviews


A surprise Monday in the Marcus Wesson mass murder case. It comes as jurors listened to more of a police interview with Marcus Wesson's wife, Elizabeth.

For the second day, jurors listened to recorded interviews police conducted with Elizabeth Wesson.

On the tapes, Mrs. Wesson reveals how her intervention may have saved two lives that day.

In between hysterical crying and long pauses of silence, Elizabeth Wesson revealed to police what she saw last March in a back bedroom in her central Fresno home.

On the tape, she's heard saying, "She (Elizabeth Junior) was lying on her stomach and she moved her head. They (Marcus and Elizabeth Junior) both looked at me when I opened the door. He (Marcus) was touching her shoulder before he saw me, with one hand."

Elizabeth said Marcus told her to come in and she got scared and ran. She also said she passed by her daughter, Sebrehnah, alive in the living room.

In court, Elizabeth Wesson told a different story. She said she saw her husband kneeling and holding her daughter. Both of them were crying.

The prosecution introduced the police interviews because of Mrs. Wesson's inconsistent testimony.

Later, she tells the officers how she blamed herself for leaving her children with her husband, who's accused of the nine killings.

"I could of done something, and I ran," said Elizabeth Wesson. "I didn't do anything. I could have grabbed her (Elizabeth Junior) and ran. I could of asked, 'What are you doing?' I just got scared."

Testimony was cut short after a juror became ill. The trial is set to continue Tuesday morning.

More Outbursts in Wesson Trial


There was another outburst from Marcus Wesson during his mass murder trial on Thursday and profanity from his wife.

Prosecutor Lisa Gamoian spent a fifth day questioning Elizabeth Wesson.

At one point, Marcus Wesson told the judge he objected to the questioning, saying that his lawyers were not doing their job.

Judge R.L. Putnam immediately sent jurors out of the courtroom and reprimanded Marcus Wesson.

The questioning became even more heated when Mrs. Wesson blurted out an expletive to the prosecutor.

On Monday, jurors will hear more of the recorded police interviews with Elizabeth Wesson.

Tempers Flair in Wesson Trial


After Tuesday's dramatic testimony in the Marcus Wesson mass murder trial, tempers flared again on Wednesday.

It came while prosecutor Lisa Gamoian questioned Wesson's wife, Elizabeth, about a jailhouse conversation.

In it, Wesson referred to the nine killings last March as a "stupid thing."

Gamoian repeatedly asked whether Elizabeth believed what happened was stupid.

Mrs. Wesson said her husband had nothing to do with the deaths and blamed the murders on her nieces, Sofina Solorio and Ruby Ortiz.

At one point, Elizabeth beat her fists on the witness stand, saying, "My children would be alive today had they not gone to my house. He did not kill my children. They started the whole thing."

Courthouse Drama in Wesson Trial


A number of disturbing events took place Tuesday during the Marcus Wesson trial. An ambulance was called for Elizabeth Wesson as she continued to complain of dizziness.

Elizabeth Wesson said she could not go on and a bailiff took her pulse.

As Marcus Wesson watched the heated exchange between prosecution and his wife he was compelled to say, "Objection."

The judge told him that he needed to speak to his attorney.

Marcus Wesson then said that he didn't mean any disrespect when addressing the judge.

Elizabeth Wesson was checked out by paramedics and is back on the stand.

Jurors were seen smiling as if they weren't buying what was going on.

Wesson's Wife Takes The Stand


Testimony at the Marcus Wesson mass murder trial had to be stopped several times after the defendant's wife broke down on the stand.

Elizabeth Wesson had a difficult time recalling the moment she saw the body of her daughter Elizabeth lying in Marcus Wesson's arms.

Her voice trembled as she described how quiet it was inside the house.

The prosecutor asked her what she saw and she began crying.

Marcus Wesson was also wiping tears from his eyes.

After a break, Mrs. Wesson continued as the prosecution pushed her to describe the scene further.

Mrs.. Wesson kept repeating, "I just remember I seen her eyes." Then she said she ran from the scene.

Soon another recess was called after Elizabeth wesson complained of dizziness and difficulty breathing.

Warning Signs Before Murders?


For the first time, we are hearing about possible warning signs in the Wesson house weeks before the murders.

Marcus Wesson's son, Serafino, testified Wednesday that his parents knew a couple of weeks before the killings that two of the mothers wanted their children back.

Also on the stand Wednesday, Serafino testified that he thought it was sick that his father had sex with his own daughters.

More Testimony By Wesson's Niece


The defense continues to question Marcus Wesson's niece and jurors are learning more about the murder suspect's life behind bars.

Jurors in the Marcus Wesson mass murder trial listened to a tape recording of a police interview with Rosa Solorio contracting her testimony.

Rosa Solorio talked about her jailhouse conversations with Wesson, all of which were recorded.

During those talks, Wesson told her the Lord talked to him, saying he had an angelic brain and this is the end of time. Rosa Solorio told police her and other women agreed to have, "children for the Lord." But on the stand, Solorio has been evasive, saying her and the other women were free to leave Wesson's house at any time.

Wesson's son Serafino is expected to take the stand Wednesday.

The recordings also revealed a song Wesson wrote about his dead children.

Some of the lyrics included: "This is a guitar blazing in my campfire...wondering why they were taken from me...tears make my eyes seem blurry as I sat and drank my coffee."

The defense will resume questioning Rosa Solorio Tuesday.



Jailhouse Conversations in Wesson Trial


Marcus Wesson tells family members what he is doing behind bars and the song he wrote about his dead children.

We are getting a clearer sense of what life in jail is like for the man accused of Fresno's worst mass murder.

Rosa Solario claims Marcus Wesson walks with Christ. But, in some recorded jailhouse conversations, Wesson says Christ actually talks to him.

Rosa Solario says the last time she visited Marcus Wesson in jail was two weeks ago.

Before the trial, she went twice a week. And, each time police recorded their phone conversations.

The talks focused on Wesson's dreams and even his nightmares.

But, the most revealing subject was conversations with Jesus Christ.

Wesson said, "The Lord is telling me some strange stuff, he said, 'Marcus, this is the end of time'"

During another visit, Wesson claimed he has electrical currents in his head. He said, "The Lord told me, 'Marcus, I have never seen that since the beginning of time when angels were mixing with men. Marcus, you have an angelic brain.'"

Wesson also spoke about his eating habits in jail, saying, "I eat meat, peanuts, trail mix and candy bars. I have eaten 30 candy bars in 10 days."

He later to Rosa, "I've gone four months without drinking water, only eating vegetables."

Rosa testified Wesson told her he was arrested so he could lose weight. He also claimed the Lord told him he wouldn't have a trial and would be free.

Rosa said Wesson told her he has written some songs while behind bars.

Transcripts reveal part of the song about his nine deceased children, "This is a guitar blazing in my campfire wondering why they were taken from me. Tears made my eyes seem blurry as I sat and drank my coffee."

Rosa also testified that Marcus Wesson is writing a book. He tells her it is about his life as long as he has been in Heaven and back here on Earth.

Different Stories in Wesson Trial

March 24, 2005Marcus Wesson is charged with nine murder counts, but Thursday's testimony focused on 14 counts of sexual abuse.

On the stand, a Wesson niece who testified about what police say was incest in Marcus Wesson's home.

Rosa Solario did tell the jury that Marcus Wesson is the father of the nine children who died last March.

She testified that Wesson never spoke about incest, but she says she believed it was okay.

Rosa Solario described a much different life with Marcus Wesson than her two sisters previously testified.

Sofina Solario and Ruby Ortiz recalled Wesson as a jealous polygamist who was a strict disciplinarian with a devout religious belief.

Defense expert David Mugridge says Rosa is trying to protect Wesson. "The things that could be harmful, she either doesn't remember them or she is trying to explain why she answered previously harmful answers in a way that tries to make it look no quite so bad now."

Rosa told jurors that she went to live with the Wesson family when she was seven-years-old.

She said at 14-years-old, Wesson began touching her over her clothes.

She recalled at 17-years-old, the two had sex and she gave birth to her son Ethan.

Rosa says she married Wesson when she was 19-years-old, but admits it is not legal.

Prosecutor Lisa Gamoian continued her aggressive style of questioning, asking Rosa, "On March 12, what was he (Marcus Wesson) to you?"

Rosa replied, "My husband."

Gamoian then asked, "Do you still consider him your husband?"

Rosa said, "Yes."

Gamoian asked, "Do you intend to stay faithful to him forever?"

Rosa answered, "Yes."

Rosa testified she knew Wesson was married to his wife, Elizabeth.

Rosa said she believed in his theory of having multiple wives and that it didn't bother her.

Rosa recalled the girls were allowed to date while living with Wesson, but she preferred to be with him.

Rosa Solario does say that her life since the mass murders has been anything but normal. She claims that she has nowhere to live and often spends the night in local parks or in a car.

Testimony is scheduled to resume on Monday.

Wesson Outburst in Court

It wasn't what happened while the jury was in the courtroom that is making news in the Marcus Wesson trial.

It's what happened when the jury left and Marcus Wesson was one of the few left inside.

Marcus Wesson didn't seem too affected by Wednesday's testimony — he was humming at the defense table, pretending to conduct music and play the piano.

ALl of this strange behavior came during a break from Rosa Solario's tearful testimony.

Rosa Solario was emotional as soon as she took the stand. She started crying when the prosecution asked her to recall the names of the nine victims.

Rosa described how her sisters, Sofina and Ruby, unexpectedly arrived a Marcus Wesson's house last March, demanding their children.

Rosa testified Sofina was trying to get Johnathan.

Rosa said, "She came to get her son. I said no Sofina, you promised you wouldn't do that. You said you would leave him here with us."

Defense expert David Mugridge says Rosa is a credible witness. "She tears up and she cries. She's invoking alot of sympathy on the part of the jury. She's a very tender kind of witness on the stand."

Rosa recalled how a loud argument broke out between among herself, her sister Sofina and cousin Sebhrenah Wesson.

She says the women exchanged profanities, threats and then a physical struggle over Sofina's son, Johnathan.

Rosa says she got hold of the child and hid him in the back bedroom, where the nine bodies were later found.

Prosecutor Lisa Gamoian aggressively questioned Rosa on a number of issues, including who was the father of her sister Ruby's daughter, Aviv.

Ruby said, "I don't know if Marcus Wesson is the father. I could assume, but I actually don't know. She (Ruby) never told me, actually. I have no evidence Aviv is from Marcus."

Late Wednesday, while the judge was speaking with the defense and prosecution, Marcus Wesson blurted out a comment.

He later told the judge he didn't mean any disrespect by it. The judge told him he needed to control his outbursts.

Wesson's Own Words May Hurt Him

March 22, 2005We've heard from family and police and for the first time, prosecutors are trying to use Marcus Wesson's own words to prove he's guilty of Fresno's worse mass murder.

Several jailhouse conversations between Wesson and his children were revealed in court today. The prosecution is using Marcus Wesson's own words to paint a picture of his bizarre behavior behind bars.

Since his arrest, everything Marcus Wesson said to his family during jailhouse visits is now on audio tape.

Defense expert David Mugridge says Wesson's own words could come back to haunt him, "Apparently everytime he met with his family they were recording the entire thing transcribing it and now using it to cross examine him in this portion of the case very effectively."

Marcus Junior recalled visiting his father about 25 times since arrest.

According to the prosecution, Wesson told his son he was arrested because, "I'm here to lose weight, get to the Lord and get out that's it."

Marcus Junior also testified how his father claimed during jailhouse visits Jesus Christ speaks to him and how Wesson himself believes he has special powers.

Wesson told his son, "The Lord has me mentally hooked up to you all 24 hours a day. Whatever I think, goes to you spiritually."

Wesson was also recorded saying, "I'm in contact with you guys. I have mental telepathy."

Defense expert Mugridge admits the comments are disturbing, "There are certain questions that are raised that make you question his capacity. Only Marcus knows what's totally going on it would totally raise questions in my mind whether the individual is sane."

Marcus Junior testified he never questioned his father because he respected his way of thinking, but he didn't always agree with his father.

In fact, during a police interview, Marcus Junior described his father as, "insane," because of the, "weird way he cut up buses," and made them into a family mobile home.

Wesson Jr. On The Stand Again

March 21, 2005Marcus Wesson, Jr. is on the stand for the 2nd day in his father's mass murder trial.

Marcus Wesson Junior testified and a Fresno Police officer described the horrifying scene the night he found the bodies of nine people inside the Wesson home.

Marcus Jr. said he was passing by the house the day the murders ocurred and saw the commotion going on an stopped.

He said he saw his father in the doorway and then disappear into the house. He said he then heard gunshots.

A friend of Wesson Jr.'s then told him that he thought everyone inside was dead.

The testimony of Marcus Wesson Jr. brought Marcus Wesson to tears so much that he had to get a box of tissues.

A Fresno Police officer who was first inside the Wesson home on the day of the murders, also testified Monday.

The officer says when he first went inside he dropped his shotgun, shocked at what he saw.

He said he went from body to body checking for signs of life but there was no pulse on any of the victims.

After he reached the last body, he said he broke down and cried.

Testimony Resumes in Wesson Trial

Testimony will resume Monday morning in the Marcus Wesson mass murder trial.

Jurors most recently heard from two Fresno police officers who said they didn't hear any gunshots before they found the nine bodies inside Wesson's home.

That contradicts two of the victims' mothers, who both said they heard shots fired.

Meantime, Wesson's wife, Elizabeth, has decided to consult an attorney before taking the stand.

The judge recommended she do so, in case she incriminates herself during testimony.

"It's a very easy step to go from being a witness, testifying in a case, to being a potential defendant in the case, " says defense expert David Mugridge. "We don't know exactly what she's going to say at this point."

This coming week, several other Wesson family members are also expected back in court as witnesses in the trial.

They have decided not to hire attorneys.

Officers Testify in Wesson Trial

The first police officers to arrive at the scene of Fresno's worst mass murder took the stand Thursday in the Marcus Wesson trial.

Officer Wynn Mooney was overcome with emotion as he described to jurors the plan police had to save the children inside Marcus Wesson's house last March.

He testified that if officers heard a child scream, or any unusual noises, they were going into the home with guns drawn.

None of the officers who testified said they heard gunshots at the home, which differs from testimony of Sofina Solorio and Ruby Ortiz, who both said they heard shots fired.

Testimony will continue on Monday.

A Warning to two jurors

 - A warning to two jurors Wednesday from the judge in the Marcus Wesson mass murder trial.

Judge R.L. Putnam cautioned the jurors not to discuss the case, after a clerk overheard two of them talking about the case during a break.

Neither of the jurors were dismissed.

Inside the courtroom, two jurors cried when Wesson's niece, Ruby Ortiz, described how Wesson beat his son, Johnathan, with a stick just months after he was born.

Another Wesson Niece Testifies

 - Emotional testimony from another of Marcus Wesson's nieces today.

The daughter of Ruby Sanchez, now Ortiz, was one of the children killed in the Wesson home one year ago.

Ortiz is on the witness stand right now in the Fresno County courthouse.

The jury watched intently as she described how a custody battle turned into a murder investigation.

She says when she went to get her daughter she saw Wesson disappear from the doorway back into the home and she became hysterical saying to officers who were there that he would hurt the children.

After that, she said she heard 5 muffled gunshots and learned her daughter was among the dead.

Ruby also talked about how her life changed when she let Marcus Wesson raise her daughter.

She said she was not able to go to public school anymore, had to change the way she dressed, and watch what she ate.

Wesson's Nieces Testify in Court

March 14, 2005 - Testimony from Marcus Wesson's niece, Sofina Solorio, wrapped up on Monday.

But, not before she could tell jurors about years of sexual abuse by her relatives including uncles and a cousin.

Later in the day, another niece, Ruby Ortiz, took the stand. She told a story similar to Solorio's of trying to get her child from Marcus Wesson.

Her daughter was one of the children found killed inside the Wesson home.

Still to testify is Wesson's sons and his niece, Rosa Solorio.

Their testimony has been delayed until later this month

Wesson Trial to Resume

 - Testimony resumes today in the Marcus Wesson murder trial.

Wesson is accused of killing nine of his children.

Last week, Wesson's attorneys cross examined Wesson's niece, Sofina Solorio, and tried to discredit her.

Solorio admitted she gave police conflicting information about hearing gunshots on the day of the murders.

Meanwhile, a new book about life within the Wesson household has sold 900 copies since its release Saturday, on the one year anniversary of the killings.

That's according to the publicist for the book's author.

Wesson family members say writer, Julia Najieb, is profiting from their tragedy.

Najieb says she understands the family's feelings because they're still in mourning over their loss.

Wesson Book Released on Anniversary


It's an anniversary that won't be celebrated, but never forgotten. One year ago Saturday, Marcus Wesson was arrested, accused of murdering his nine children.

A new book detailing his lifestyle hit bookstores on Saturday.

"Web of Deception" is a graphic look at the unusual lifestyle and the alleged sexual abuse of Marcus Wesson's daughters and nieces.

It's a topic which author Julia Dudley Najieb says she struggled with.

Former Wesson neighbors said he was a religious man, who often spoke about the second coming of Christ.

But, they noticed a change in Wesson in the 90s, When according to the author, Wesson told neighbors, "The Lord has blessed me with multiple wives."

He also reportedly said, "I'm thinking about getting my daughters artificially inseminated."

Wesson's wife was interviewed for the book. Marcus Wesson declined.

The author, Julia Dudley Najieb, feels Wesson is hiding something. "I think that there's something in his past that had been covered up and there had to be an emotional outbreak ... something that created what he is today."

The author says she'd like to see the book turned into a movie. After Wesson's trial is over, she wants to begin a second book.

Defense Questions Marcus Wesson's Niece

 - After several days of graphic testimony about vampires, cults and incest, it was the defense's turn to question Marcus Wesson's niece, Sofina Solorio.

Right off, the defense tried to discredit Sofina Solorio's testimony and soften Marcus Wesson's image with one of the most ghoulish scenes the night of the killings.

One by one, coffins were carried out of the Hammond Avenue home last March. The defense used the same coffins to try to show Marcus Wesson isn't the monster prosecutors are portraying.

Testimony revealed Wesson kept ten coffins in various rooms. Sofina Solorio testified they had nothing to do with vampires, even though she said the kids often joked about sleeping inside.

Sofina said she was with Wesson when he purchased them from a Fresno antique dealer. She said he wanted to use the wood to repair the family's boat and make furniture.

Defense attorney Ralph Torres focused most of his questioning on inconsistencies in Sofina's testimony. She admitted that during a police interview a day after the mass murders, she told a detective she didn't hear any gun shots.

But, her story changed three days later, when she told another officer that she heard two shots fired.



Wesson's niece, Sofina, told the jury that Wesson began sexually abusing here when she was 12-years-old.

She says Wesson told her he was preparing her for marriage.

Sofina says Wesson was controlling and even took the children out of school.

Sofina testified her relationship with Wesson soured when she told him she had been romantically involved with a co-worker.

She said Wesson had stabbed her in the chest.

Wesson is charged with killing nine of his children. He has pleaded not guilty.

Chale, told several members of the media that she's about to become a member of the Wesson family. She plans to marry Marcus Wesson's son, Serafino, September 18th in San Diego


Wesson Had Obsession With Vampires

 - Wesson's niece revealed a diary that detailed life in the Wesson house on Wednesday, including what she says was Marcus Wesson's obsession with vampires.

Many of Marcus Wesson's daughters and nieces kept diaries when they lived with him. Wednesday, Sofina Solorio detailed Wesson's bizarre interest with vampires.

Sofina Solorio testified how Marcus Wesson gave his daughters and nieces vampire names. Her testimony revealed Wesson had a name for himself — JEVAMMARCSUSPIRE, it was a mixture of Jesus, Marcus, and Vampire.

She said he considered himself the head vampire and some of them his wives. He considered others his concubines.

Sofina claimed Wesson often compared vampires with Jesus Christ — saying they both rose from the dead.

Sofina said the women were supposed to protect him from the world, and that's why they handled the business.

Fighting back tears, Sofina also described how she had to leave the room while Wesson spanked their two-week-old son with a stick.

She testified, "I couldn't hit him (Johnathan). He cried more. I couldn't do it. It was painful."

She says Wesson said she wasn't doing it right and grabbed a stick and hit Johnathan.

Sofina says the infant was bruised and that Wesson eventually took her mother privileges away and only allowed her to breast feed him.

Testimony also focused on the family's lifestyle. Sofina says Wesson told them, "The outside world would look at me as being a molester and consider us a cult, totally disagreeing with what we are doing inside our home."

Sofina said Wesson asked all of them if they would kill themselves if the government or child protective services tried to intervene. They all said yes.

She testified how every month, Wesson discussed with them how they were supposed to take their children's lives first and then kill themselves.

The defense is expected to start questioning Sofina Solorio on Thursday.


Sexually Explicit Testimony

 - New revelations about what life was like inside Marcus Wesson's house and the control he had over the members of his family.


Marcus Wesson's family members took the stand again in downtown Fresno at the county courthouse.

Today's testimony contained very explicit sexual content.

Sofina Solario testified that she and other females inside the house agreed to have his children for the Lord.

Wesson called this behavior "loving."

Sofina said she and Wesson became intimate as early as 12-years-old.

Sofina ended up pregnant with his child.

Throughout the testimony Marcus Wesson has remained calm and showing virtually no emotion.


Family Members Give Emotional Testimony

 - Marcus Wesson's family members continue to take the stand and describe what happened the day they went to pick up their children and found they had all been murdered.

Emotional testimony continues today as Sofina Solario takes the stand once again.

Rosa Solario is expected to take the stand next.

Monday, Jury members listened as Sofina Solario talked about the last moments she saw her son alive.

The judge has ordered all of of Marcus Wesson's children to court.

Daughter Gypsy showed up noticeably pregnant.

Both Rosa Solario and Kiani Wesson said no to legal representation.

Sofina Solario spent most of the day on the stand. She testified that the plan did not go well when she went to pick up her son.

Sofina testified that Sabrenah Wesson became upset when she arrived to take her son. She said that both Sabrenah and Elizabeth Jr. made religious statements saying that Sofina needed to bow down to her master and referred to Marcus Wesson.

She also said that Marcus Wesson tried calmly several times to resolve the issues but always turned into a yelling match between the women.

Sofina tried to take her son but was pushed out of the room and that was the last time, she says she saw her son Jonathan alive.

Sofina also testified that police ignored her when she made claims that something like this could happen.

Sofina is expected to take the stand again Tuesday

Marcus Wesson Trial to Resume

 - Testimony in the Marcus Wesson murder trial continues today.

Sofina Solario is expected to testify.

She's one of the women who reportedly went to Wesson's home the day of the murders to get her son, Jonathan.

Marcus Wesson is on trial for killing nine family members.

The defense claims Wesson's 25-year-old daughter, Sebhrenah, killed his eight children before committing suicide.


Marcus Wesson Jury Profile

Juror #1
Caucasian male, 50's to early 60's. Former youth soccer coach, says it's destressing to view photos of dead children, but says they're everywhere. Believes in a professional jury system.

Juror #2
Hispanic woman, probably in 40's, mother of three boys. Served as a juror in a prior DUI case 10 years ago. Sister worked in payroll department for
Fresno County Sheriff's Department and recently left for a new job.

Juror #3
Hispanic woman, late 20's. Does security work, applied recently to work with juveniles. Had a relative who was a victim of a murder, which remains unsolved.

Juror #4
Caucasian male, in his 30's. Substitute teacher who has taught all grades from pre-school to seniors. During individual questioning, said he was neutral on death and life without parole.

Juror #5
Hispanic woman, 40's to 50's. During questioning said, "I don't think any of us want to be here (in court). As someone who abides by the law, I believe we belong here."

Juror #6
Caucasian woman, 40's possible early 50's. Heard about Wesson case in
Chicago before moving to Fresno. Said imposing death penalty would be, "Hard on my soul." Also said, "I think it would be hard for me. As much as I believe in the death penalty, I don't know if I can execute." Woman has lived in Beijing, China and Montreal.

Juror #7
Hispanic male, early 30's, has children. During individual questioning said, "To me children are like saints, they don't do anything wrong." He also said he couldn't vote for life in prison without parole if a person is convicted of premeditated, multiple murders of children.

Juror #8
Caucasian woman, 50's. Works for Fresno County, putting together health education programs. Has done many school based programs on such issues as HIV and domestic violence. Admitted during individual questioning she had discussed the Wesson case with co-workers who had strong opinions about his guilt. She said she had no opinion. She said the death penalty is appropriate is some cases.

Juror #9
Hispanic male, late 40's or 50's. Served as a juror on a shoplifting case.

Juror #10
Hispanic male, late 50's or early 60's. Testified in business case because he was the guardian of the records. During individual questioning said, "As I have aged, I'm less supportive of the death penalty." He admitted watching a lot of court cases on TV, where prisoners had been released from prison because DNA cleared them. He said he could vote for death.

Juror #11
Hispanic woman, 50's. Served on a criminal jury before. She's a supervisor for a company who offers programs for special ed and disabled children.

Juror #12
Caucasian woman, 60's. Wore a Mickey Mouse shirt to individual questioning. Said she could decide either death of life without parole.