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         AWAY ON MAY.16.1999

It?s Now  20 Years Win Noy pass away on May.16.1999 of Cancer 

Rest In Peace Good Best friend 


We will never forget about a good friend name Noy. Noy pass away on May .16.1999 due to leukemia he what to life skills and Fresno City College with us in 1994 and up he was a good friend and a good person to his family members he will be miss by all of us here. Noy is a Fresno city college classmate in 1998 was in work force prep fall 1998 with me and other classmates. Some of his class mats from life skills where there to get job work skills form the wave program run by Brooke. It?s a good program. He had life the program because of his leukemia he told the teacher of the program to tall all us what was going on about him in November 1998 she told us he had leukemia. we where sadden its like a rock come down on you some us how new noy from Viking ( David a Garcia ) and ( thong ) and most new noy from life skills class in high school that program was a very good program we line a lot of good stuff in there. like how to cook and how to live on your owl and job working skills like from Ross and Fresno can food outlet (old location) and great places sad to say Fresno unified school get killed off this program and its now at some high school only not at one place like it use to be . Noy was a good person to be by he was always in a good mood we all have are days (David a Garcia) most of the time to he had sad days to like us all his friends where come from all walks of life?s he got a long with all people no matter how they where he was a good guy he came from overseas with his family. Noy had leukemia this what toke noy sadden away from all of his friends and his family .but we will never be forgotten in are memory?s for every David. What?s leukemia? Here some brief information 

Info the major forms of leukemia are divided into four categories. Myelogenous and lymphocytic leukemia each have acute and chronic forms. The terms myelogenous or lymphocytic denote the cell type involved.  Acute leukemia is a rapidly progressing disease that affects mostly cells that are unformed or primitive (not yet fully developed or differentiated). These immature cells cannot carry out their normal functions. Chronic leukemia progresses slowly and permits the growth of greater numbers of more developed cells. In general, these more mature cells can carry out some of their normal functions. Thus, the four major types of leukemia are: acute or chronic myelogenous, and acute or chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The ability to measure specific features of cells has led to further sub classification of the major categories of leukemia. The categories and subsets allow the physician to decide what treatment works best for the cell type and how quickly the disease may develop. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society offers ongoing education programs on specific types of leukemia. These programs enable you to stay current on the latest information about each type of leukemia and treatment options. The education programs are featured on the for morn in info about leukemia please go to this web site 

 leukemia please go to this web site 


           THE FRESNO BEE    May.19.1999