Lebanon Hospitals Decry Medicine Shortage july.29.2006 from other news web sites thay need are help


TYRE, Lebanon – Receiving casualties day in and day out, hospitals in southern Lebanon have almost run out of medical supplies as Israel said on Saturday, July 29, that there is no need for a UN-proposed 72-hour pause in fighting to enable to bring in emergency aid. We prepared supplies for a month. But we received more casualties than we expected, so we will run short soon," Ahmed Mroueh, director of the Jabal Amel hospital in the port city of Tyre, told Reuters Saturday. We don't have a food problem. The patients are eating normally and hospital staff are eating once a day, though they can drink as much tea and water as they like, Mroueh said with a bitter smile. Checking a list of dwindling medical supplies, including sedatives, antibiotics and blood bags, Mroueh said his hospital had taken in 361 wounded civilians during the ongoing war, of whom 19 percent were children and 32 percent women.


At Tyre's state-run hospital, where dozens of war dead had to be buried in a mass grave, a doctor named Mustafa Jaradeh reported a serious shortage of medicines for chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and heart problems. Looking at the hospital log, he counted one dead woman and 10 wounded civilians, including Mahdi Daheni, a 5-year-old boy, brought in on Friday, July 29.Oxygen supplies have run out at Najem hospital. This is a disaster,said Ali Najem, son of the hospital's owner. TrappedMroueh warned that many wounded and corpses are still trapped under rubble as rescue workers cannot evacuate them under fire.We are receiving fewer people every day now because the roads are risky. There are dozens of dead bodies and wounded people lying on the streets in several villages with no means of transportation," he added, hitting his desk in anger.It took 11 days for one hospital employee, Ghaith Jomaa, to pull the corpses of his 24-year-old wife, his two daughters and his grandmother from the rubble of their house. Mariam Basma, lying in bed with a broken back and two broken thighs, is dying to see her son, who is still trapped under their home wreckage with no body knowing for sure whether he is still alive or dead.When the nurse took the oxygen mask off, she called for her son.Where is he? Can you please ask him to come? she told the nurse. "His name is Sheikh Saber. He is with me here.I'll call him as soon as I can. Don't worry," said the nurse.Israeli raids have turned southern Lebanon into a eerily silent region, with streets empty apart from a few cars speeding towards Beirut.I fled the shelling in Yaroun, but I don't know if my father is dead or alive," said a 37-year-old woman named Fatemah Saleh. "It was like hell.Israel on Saturday rejected UN calls for a 72-hour pause in fighting to enable relief workers to evacuate elderly, young and wounded people from south Lebanon and to bring in emergency aid."There is no need for a 72-hour temporary ceasefire because Israel has opened a humanitarian corridor to-and-from Lebanon," claimed Israeli government spokesman Avi Pazner.


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